Cloud based and self hosted document management systems for both online and traditional printed paper forms for every foodservice business process. PcsForms utilizes the latest technology from OpenText to provide our own integrated Free and Reduced scanning and online applications. There is no end to the tasks that can be automated.












Save money on your scanning solution!

No more red lines or two color printing. You can even process faxed applications or copy existing forms as your document!


PcsForms for free and reduced meal applications uses a combination of ICR (intelligent character recognition), OCR (optical character recognition), and OMR (optical mark recognition) to expedite the data entry associated with processing        applications and decreases the overall time     required to determine a student’s eligibility     status.


Batch Processing - Batches of free and reduced meal applications are configured in our custom scanning interface. Designed for high-volume forms processing, batch processing gives you complete control over document capture and data collection. You can change the sequence of batch images, delete bad images, and add new images to a batch. Because application number assignment is generated using batch           information, applications can easily be filed by batch, eliminating the time spent on alphabetized filing.

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Business Process Management

Scanning & Online Apps, Household Surveys, Allergen  Management, Doctor’s Diet Orders, Inspection Reports, CEU Tracking, Workflow/Task Management, Catering, Program sign-ups, Invoice Processing, Pre-populated forms of any type & much more...


Press Release - August 2016:  PCS Revenue Control System, Inc., a nationwide provider of K-12 school food and nutrition services technology has acquired ABT, Advanced Business Technologies, a leading    provider of scanning, online applications, and custom forms for the K-12 school food and nutrition       market. The ABT group adds a combination of document automation technologies to the PCS suite of programs along with years of experience in business process management for any school district needs, food or business services.